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Curated by Astria Suparak and Brett Kashmere
2018 – 2019

A Non-Zero-Sum Game is a series of exhibitionsscreeningsdiscussionscontestsreadings, and other events launching, and part of, INCITE Journal of Experimental Media‘s newest issue, Sports (edited by Astria Suparak and Brett Kashmere)It also includes several sports-themed cocktails created for the book and a sports novelty music playlist. Reflecting the issue’s multidisciplinary range, the programming takes place in varied spaces including bookstores, galleries, cinemas, rooftops, and sports bars.

Speakers include:
Hanif Abdurraqib (author, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us), Kevin Blackistone (national sports columnist, The Washington Post; panelist, ESPN’s “Around the Horn”), Kavitha Davidson (columnist, espnW; contributor, ESPN The Magazine), Samuel Hodge (coeditor, Black Males and Intercollegiate Athletics), Sarah Hotchkiss (visual arts editor, KQED), Ezekiel Kweku (politics editor, New York Magazine‘s Daily Intelligencer), Ameer Loggins (contributor, The Athletic), Carmen Winant (artist, writer)

Artists and Writers include:
Haig Aivazian, Santiago Alvarez, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, James Blagden, Miguel Calderón, Anil Dash, Sally Dixon, Nathaniel Dorsky, Cara Erskine, Kevin Jerome Everson, Gao Mingyan, Ana Hušman, I AM A BOYS CHOIR, Karen Kraven, Nicolas Lampert, Macon Reed, Pasha Malla and Jeff Parker, Tara Mateik, Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney, Ayanah Moor, Nam June Paik, Paper Rad, Pied la Biche, Keith Piper, Rachel Rampleman, Chadwick Rantanen, Collier Schorr, Lillian Schwartz, Hank Willis Thomas, TVTV, Lisa Young, Zhang Qing

Power Forward
Launch at Kadist
How Great You Are O Son Of The Desert!
at The Wexner

The Nation’s Finest
A Beautiful Game
March Madness
Trust the Process
seven-part series

Discussion series
Poetry readings
GIF contests
Music playlist
Other events

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Still from WATERSMITH (Will Hindle, 1969)

Still from WATERSMITH (Will Hindle, 1969)


Commissioned by VISIONS. Co-presented with Available Light Collective.

la lumière, Montreal, QC
July 7, 2017

Films and videos by: Robert Breer, Nathaniel Dorsky, Will Hindle, Takashi Ito, Nam June Paik, Yvonne Rainer, Lillian Schwartz

This program offers a cross-section of the ways that athletics have been treated historically in artists’ film and video; from examinations of the vernacular and sports’ mass mediation, to interplays with its accoutrements, geographies, architectures, and audiovisual grammar. 


Still from  LA GRANDE DAME  (Alexandre Larose, 2011)

Still from LA GRANDE DAME (Alexandre Larose, 2011)


Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference
La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC
March 26, 2015

Films by: Julian Biggs, Claude Jutra, Alexandre Larose, Arthur Lipsett, Marc Pelletier, Daïchi Saïto, Emilie Serri, Malena Szlam, and Bill Wees.

This screening gathers together six decades of artists’ films that collectively refract the diverse nature of Montreal’s unique urban environment. From distinctive architectural markers like Habitat ‘67, Parc du Mont-Royal and Place Ville Marie to anonymous snowscapes, moon plays, and back alley explorations, these works compose a fluid, unfixed cinematic city that is at once dystopic and utopic, eerily empty and actively engaged, brutish and brimming with life.

Curated with Leo Goldsmith. Presented by ExFM (Experimental Film and Media) and CinemArts (Cinema and Art History) Scholarly Interest Groups and Double Negative filmmaking and programming collective, along with the Documentary, Nontheatrical Film and Media, and Urban Studies SIGs.

Still from  When the Organ Played 'O Promise Me'  Auroratone (Cecil Stokes, 1943). Courtesy of Robert Martens.

Still from When the Organ Played 'O Promise Me' Auroratone (Cecil Stokes, 1943). Courtesy of Robert Martens.

Exhibition Guide
INCITE #4 Publication Launch and Screening

3 Rivers Film Festival
Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh, PA
November 16, 2013

Films and videos by and/or about: Bruce Baillie, Craig Baldwin / Other Cinema, Bill Brand / Masstransiscope, Rebecca Barten & David Sherman / Total Mobile Home, Cine Móvil, Brian L. Frye / Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Kurt Kren, George Kuchar, Michael Johnsen / Orgone Cinema and Archive, Rose Lowder, Sidney Peterson, Cecil Stokes / Auroratone, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


Still from  Special Effects  (Hollis Frampton, 1972).

Still from Special Effects (Hollis Frampton, 1972).

Film Screening

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH
February 7, 2013

Films by: Beverly and Tony Conrad, Hollis Frampton, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, Carolee Schneemann, and Paul Sharits.

FRACTURES brings together work made in the 1960s and early-70s, at a historical juncture when distinctions between conventional categories of "art" and "film" were collapsing. This era saw an increased dematerialization of the art object with the rise of Conceptual Art, Land Art, Performance Art, and other ephemeral art movements. Concurrently, many artists working in established disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, and dance, began to make their first films, shifting focus from objects to ideas, language, process, and the moving image. This transition is expressed in structural-materialist films of the period, a sub-category of avant-garde cinema that rigorously tested the limits and possibilities of film’s irreducible elements (light, time, space, rhythm, camera movement, and editing).


Still from  Mount Shasta  (Oliver Husain, 2008).

Still from Mount Shasta (Oliver Husain, 2008).

Inside Out and From the Ground Up: Video Salon

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH
October 8, 2012 – February 24, 2013

Films and videos by: Jeremy Blake, David Hammons, Oliver Husain, Corey McCorkle, Jennifer West, and Haegue Yang.

This series explores how artists have used time-based media to engage space and architecture through duration, performance and embodied perspective. From hand-held shots to chemical treatments, these works emphasize the spatial and material qualities of film and video. Together, they prompt us to consider the social and psychological and aspects of a range of locations, including empty streets, an abandoned zoo, a historical house, hidden cavern, and physics lab.

Organized with David Norr and Rose Bouthillier


The Future of Creativity (Jeremy Bailey, live performance, 2012).

New Ages 

VIA Festival of Music & New Media @  
6119, Pittsburgh, PA
October 5, 2012

Films, videos, performances by: Jaimz Asmundson, Jeremy Bailey, Jacob Ciocci + Ryder Ripps, Clint Enns, Eliza Koch, Jesse McLean, Shana Moulton, Lillian Schwartz, and Leslie Supnet

How do we account for the current fascination with New Age concepts and aesthetics among many of today’s emergent media practitioners? As ironic appropriation? As a desire to reconnect with non-Western medicine, environmental causes, organic farming, etc? As '80s-era nostalgia? The Web 2.0, via services such as YouTube, has made it possible to instantly re-experience the media memories of our recent past or stoke a younger generation's enchantment with a past not their own. In an era marked by both religious and political fervor and cynicism, it's hard not to see the positive in reclaiming an inclusive, optimistic, if naive, spiritual movement... 


Nico Zevallos re-performing Takehisa Kosugi's FILM & FILM #4.

Nico Zevallos re-performing Takehisa Kosugi's FILM & FILM #4.

Lightplay: Experiments in Paracinema
An Evening of Non-Films

VIA Festival of Music & New Media @
Carnegie International's Satellite Apartment, Pittsburgh, PA
October 2, 2012

The term “paracinema” delineates a body of artworks identified by their makers as films, but that lack one or more material/mechanical elements of the film medium. Such works began to appear in the 1960s in the wake of Conceptual art's rejection of standard artistic media like painting and embrace of much more ephemeral, transient materials and forms (including concepts themselves, independent of realization in any concrete material form). This casual evening of paracinematic exploration will feature re-creations of Hollis Frampton’s famed 1968 performance piece, A LECTURE and Takehisa Kosgui's little known performance FILM & FILM #4 of 1966. 

Co-organized with Melissa Ragona and Jonathan Walley. Presented in collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Designed by Justin Harris.

Expanded Cinema Now and Then
Event Series

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
April 2-5, 2012

Featuring screenings, lectures, and performances, this program explores the field of Expanded Cinema from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Invited guests include Jonathan Walley (Dension University), a scholar of expanded and “para-cinema”; and the New York-based film artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, who have collaborated on immersive film projector performances and installations for the past ten years. In addition, a pair of seminal works of Expanded Cinema, Anthony McCall’s 1973 “film sculpture” Line Describing a Cone, and Beverly and Tony Conrad’s 1971 multi-projection “film environment” Four Square, will be presented. 

Focus Group
Weekly Microcinema

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Spring 2011

Focus Group is a roving, weekly screening series of student and guest curated film and video programs. Events take place on Wednesday evenings at various locations throughout Oberlin during the Spring semester. Focus Group was formed in February 2011 as a project of my CINE 323: Exhibition Practices in the Media Arts course at Oberlin College. All screenings are free and open to the public. 


Still from  Beach Events  (Rick Hancox, 16mm film).

Still from Beach Events (Rick Hancox, 16mm film).

The Road Ended at the Beach and Other Legends: Parsing the Escarpment School

Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, MB
November 2010 – May 2011

Films by: Sarah Abbott, Carl Brown, Mike Cartmell, Janis Cole, Tracy German, Rick Hancox, Philip Hoffman, Mike Hoolboom, Richard Kerr, Louise Lebeau, Marian McMahon, Jeffrey Paull, Gary Popovich, Mike Rollo, Steve Sanguedolce, George Semsel, more

THE ROAD ENDED AT THE BEACH AND OTHER LEGENDS represents the first critical survey of Canada's mythic and amorphous "Escarpment School," a loosely knit band of Ontario-based filmmakers that came together in the late-70s at Sheridan College, under the tutelage of Rick Hancox and Jeffrey Paull.


Designed by Eliza Koch.

Media Arts Festival

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
May 2010

REEL FEEL is a four-day film and media arts festival that draws on the collaboration of artists, students, and community. From May 12-15, join us each night for a distinct celebration including visiting artist presentations, multimedia exhibitions, media-infused parties, and concise student-curated screening programs in diverse and alternative art spaces including swimming pools, parking lots, grassy nooks, chapels, and other unexpected and surprising locales.

The festival kicks off with an interactive presentation by the renowned New York-based new media artist and curator Marisa Olson. Olson will present an illustrated lecture in the Allen Art Building's Fisher Galley at 8pm on Wednesday, May 12th, which will simultaneously feature sound and video installations and new media projects by Olson and an assortment of Oberlin College students. 


Designed by Eliza Koch.

Cinema 062
Weekly Microcinema

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Spring 2010

CINEMA 062 is a weekly series that presents specially curated alternative, independent, and experimental media every Wednesday night in Oberlin, Ohio. The series takes place in the basement of Oberlin College's Art Building, in room 062, and has featured a variety of unique screenings, including The Blazing World, curated by Thomas Beard (Founding Director of Light Industry in Brooklyn), From the Vault: Films from the Oberlin College Collection, Aaron Dilloway: Carte Blanche, Two Films by Yoko Ono, student-curated YouTube Playlists, and more. CINEMA 062 is an initiative of CINE 323: Exhibition Practices in the Media Arts, a course taught by Brett Kashmere in the Oberlin College Cinema Studies Program.


Still from  The Game  (Tasman Richardson, 2007).

Still from The Game (Tasman Richardson, 2007).

Saturn Returns
Film and Video Screening

The Images Festival @
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON
April 10, 2009

Films and videos by: Michael Bell-Smith, Jacob Ciocci, Oliver Laric, Xander Marro & Mat Brinkman, Tara Mateik, Takeshi Murata, Marisa Olson, Tasman Richardson, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, Leslie Supnet

In the new millennium, we've lost our patience for durational aesthetics and jam bands. Even Michael Snow remade Wavelength for those who don't have the time. YouTube has ushered in radical brevity; nothing over 10 minutes (the new "Don't trust anyone over 30"). We want our media to be concise, vertical, and portable. Compression, condensation, and simultaneity are the new moves...


Still from  Melter II  (Takeshi Murata, 2003).

Still from Melter II (Takeshi Murata, 2003).

Pioneer Species
Weekly Microcinema

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Spring 2009

Pioneer Species is a micro-cinema screening alternative, independent, and experimental media every Wednesday night at various locations in Oberlin, Ohio. Often, visiting artists and curators will be present to introduce their programs. The micro-cinema is managed by students of the Oberlin College CINE 323: Exhibition Practices in the Media Arts course, taught by Brett Kashmere.

Archives Meet the People, curated by Rick Prelinger
From the Vault: 16mm selections from the Oberlin College Collection
The Transcendent Show, curated by Ben Russell
Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell, by Matt Wolf
The April Fool's Cinema Show featuring Robert Banks
17 hours of darkness: reflections on this place i call home, curated by Christina Battle
Spin Cycles, curated by Cody Darling and James Rowell
BYO.PPT: Esoteric Lightning Lectures, hosted by Jonathan Brodsky
NESW: Never Eat Shredded Wheat, curated by Alie Cirgenski and Sara Krugman
FLASHING LIGHTS, w/ Nick W, Hilary Z-A and friends
From the Drawing Board: Distilling the Property of Emerging Art through Animation, curated by Sarina Roma and Oren Shalev
Viscera, curated by Kate Ewald
Sunset Scavengers, presented by Bill Daniel


Still from  Ask the Insects  (Steve Reinke, 2005).

Still from Ask the Insects (Steve Reinke, 2005).

That Reminds Me Of Something
Video Screening

V Tape, Toronto, ON
February 22, 2008

Videos by: Stephen Andrew, Tony Cokes, Jacqueline Goss, Paper Rad, Jenny Perlin, Steve Reinke.

THAT REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING gathers videos that draw from and animate (over) primary sources for illustrative and/or discursive purposes, while simultaneously (almost) erasing their indexical value. Animation, used in this context, raises questions about the truth and reliability of the documentary genre, allowing artists to produce idiosynthetic, anti-authoritarian re-codings of accepted histories... 


Still from  Fluxes  (Arthur Lipsett, 1968).

Still from Fluxes (Arthur Lipsett, 1968).

Arthur Lipsett: About Time
Film Retrospective

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France
November 27 & 29, 2007

The exhibition ARTHUR LIPSETT: ABOUT TIME presents the first European retrospective of Lipsett’s concise but influential career, re-assembling his dazzling collage work alongside correlative Canadian media artists from the past half-century. Always rhythmically “in time,” Lipsett’s filmmaking opened new directions and possibilities for his and subsequent generations. Seen in this context, Lipsett’s experiments, with time, assume ever richer, more abundant meanings...


Still from  Black Ice  (Stan Brakhage, 1994).

Still from Black Ice (Stan Brakhage, 1994).

Winter Light
Film and Video Screening

The Redhouse, Syracuse, NY
March 8, 2007

Film, video, audio by: Arnait Women's Video Workshop, Michael Bell-Smith, Stan Brakhage, Thorsten Fleisch, Jake Kennedy, Kurt Kren, Peter Lipskis, Guy Maddin, Collin Olan, Paper Rad and Wolf Eyes, John Price, and Joyce Wieland.

Winter Light revels in the fleeting aesthetics of winter, presenting works that document ice melting, crystals forming, stars twinkling, birds migrating, surreal dreaming, the loss of consciousness and the warmth of a flame. 

Co-curated with Astria Suparak to accompany the exhibition Embracing Winter at The Warehouse Gallery.


Still from  The Paper Wall  (Nick and Sheila Pye, 2004).

Still from The Paper Wall (Nick and Sheila Pye, 2004).

Video Screening

Video D.U.M.B.O., New York City

Films and Videos by: Mitchell Akiyama, deco dawson, Ryan Diduck, Kelly Egan, Julien Idrac, Brett Kashmere, Karl Lemieux, Nick and Sheila Pye, and Daichi Saito.

Audio Visions from Up North! This program of recent experimental film & cinematic video from Canada and Quebec lays down tracks – in snow, over celluloid, across optical fields. Music for eye & ear (hold the control), with tracking shots that reveal the organic thru artifice. Painting as conceptual coordinate and point of departure, particularly the gestural Automatism of Riopelle and b/w Borduas minimalism, where representational abstraction flows from corporeal rhythms and spontaneous production. We work to keep (it) warm.


Still from  Home Stories  (Matthias Muller, 1990).

Still from Home Stories (Matthias Muller, 1990).

Hollywood viewed by the Avant-Garde

Film Screening

Cinematheque Quebecoise, Montreal, QC
January 23, 2005

Films by: Martin Arnold, Linda Christanell, Bruce Conner, Richard Kerr, Lewis Klahr, Matthias Muller, Peter Tscherkassky, Virgil Widrich

Sunset Strip may be a two-way street, but there's no escape from female flesh when entering a movie coliseum or even the neighborhood microcinema. Not only is the Hollywood industry consumed with containing, exposing and displaying women, experimental filmmakers are similarly perpetrators and/or victims of these same crimes of convention. But most do so consciously, mining mainstream cinema's endless blockbusters, influential archetypes and infamous female trouble. Yes, these girls are (in) trouble, this desire is problematic, those directions are dangerous.


Image:  hollywood decollage  (Richard Kerr, 2004, digital projection, 9 minutes)

Image: hollywood decollage (Richard Kerr, 2004, digital projection, 9 minutes)

Recent work by Richard Kerr

Expanded Cinema Installation

Cinematheque Quebecoise, Montreal, QC
November 2004 – January2005

Expanding on Richard Kerr’s previous “meta-cinematic” installations from the 1990s, Industry is a multidisciplinary exhibition consisting of a re-mixed digital projection of his film collage d'hollywood, a dual projector slide show of “stilled cinema,” a new suite of motion picture weavings, and a set of human-scaled Cibachrome film frames embossed in beeswax. Assembled from a cosmic assortment of 35mm “Coming Attractions” that were boiled, bleached, melted, painted on and manipulated with household cleaning products, the work in Industry attempts to reverse the flow of this ubiquitous advertising form...


Still from  A Miracle  (Daniel Barrow, 2003).

Still from A Miracle (Daniel Barrow, 2003).

How To Be A Canadian
Video Screening

Eyebeam, New York City
November 16, 2004

Videos by: Jeremy Bailey, Daniel Barrow, Dorion Berg, Shary Boyle, Peaches and Kara Blake, Jubal Brown, Daniel Cockburn, Paige Gratland, Brett Kashmere, Jake Kennedy, Jim Munroe, Jon Sasaki, and Tom Sherman.

Utilizing artistic (re)enactment, telepathetic aesthetics, manual animation, performance and a grab bag of low-end high technologies, these videos question traditional representations of (Canadian) identity and gender.

How To Be A Canadian is the third and northernmost installment of Eyebeam’s NAFTA- inspired Panorama screening series. Co-curated with Astria Suparak.

View / Download Program Notes + Canadian-to-American Dictionary 



The Antechamber
Art Gallery & Cinematheque

Regina, Saskatchewan

Storefront gallery and microcinema, co-founded with Robert Pytlyk, Alex Rogalski, and Jason Cawood.