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INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #7

The intersection of sports, performance, spectacle, popular culture and experimental media will be the focus of INCITE's seventh issue. 

Editors: Brett Kashmere & Astria Suparak 

For millennia, sports have been intrinsic to daily life, physical well-being, civic identity, and social harmony. That presence has expanded in the last century to occupy entire sections of newspapers and news hours, in turn begetting 24-hour television channels, talk radio stations, and endless punditry. Lately, sports have assumed a larger, more multidimensional place in our culture, advancing, for instance, further into the fields of contemporary art and film. The traditional schism, and often times, antagonism (jocks vs nerds, square vs cool) between sports and art have been blurred. Sports are now seamlessly integrated with pop culture, celebrity culture, music, and fashion trends. Meanwhile, ancillary aspects of sports have nearly eclipsed the sports themselves. In the information age, fans are the new experts, gambling with likenesses, and athletes are sets of statistical profiles and avatars. Sports economies are shifting towards the virtual; the daily fantasy site FanDuel paid out more than $500 million in cash prizes last year, new streaming platforms have emerged for live viewing of video game play, and eSports leagues are increasingly lucrative. 

In the era of flashy data visualization, instant analysis, Twitter journalism, Insiders, the rumor mill, the superfan, and the hot take, experimental media can offer a critical tool for addressing deeper meanings, concerns, connections, and contradictions. And for representing the poetics and aesthetics of athletics.

Image: Arthur Lipsett.


Edited by Chris Gehman, Brett Kashmere, and Amelia Does 
In Progress

An artist whose biography has often eclipsed the reputation of his art, Arthur Lipsett (1936-86) was an anomaly: a radically experimental filmmaker whose films were created under the auspices of a large state bureaucracy, the National Film Board of Canada. The remarkable and challenging films that Lipsett made at the NFB between 1961 and 1970 were initially received with enthusiasm, particularly after his first self-directed project, Very Nice, Very Nice, was nominated for an Academy Award. In particular, Lipsett's unusual approach to sound-image relationships lent his early films a distinctive quality – borrowing a method from animation, he would create soundtrack first, often working from audio outtakes of NFB documentaries, and then edit the filmed images to the soundtrack.

Despite the burgeoning interest in Lipsett and the richness of his work, there has been little critical writing on him to date. This anthology, which will include both reprints and new commissioned essays, is intended to address this gap, and to offer readers insight into Lipsett's films and life, as well as access to visual materials previously unavailable to the public. This book will stand for the foreseeable future as the standard critical reference on Lipsett's films, and a valuable visual and biographical reference as well. 


Image: Video Preservation (SMPTE) (Walter Forsberg, Kodak 7285 16mm reversal film, 2013). Courtesy of the artist. Design by Brett Kashmere.

Image: Video Preservation (SMPTE) (Walter Forsberg, Kodak 7285 16mm reversal film, 2013). Courtesy of the artist. Design by Brett Kashmere.


Edited by Brett Kashmere and Walter Forsberg
Fall 2013

Contributors: 40 Frames, Adam Abrams, Steve Anker, Rebecca Barten, Christina Battle, Scott Miller Berry, Bill Brand, Bill Brown, David Cox, Bill Daniel, Donna de Ville, Clint Enns, Bradley Eros, Kate Ewald, Flinching Eye Collective, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Sandra Gibson, Elena Gorfinkel, Sabine Gruffat, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Josh Guilford, Sarah Halpern, Ed Halter, Adelheid Heftberger, Kier-La Janisse, Michael Johnsen, Sharon Johnson Chris Kennedy, Richard Kerr, Bryan Konefsky, Christy LeMaster, Alain LeTourneau, Jeanne Liotta, Kate MacKay, Alex MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Caroline Martel, Theo Michael, Alice Moscoso, David Nelson, Gordon Nelson, Tara Merenda Nelson, Greg Pierce, John Porter, Melissa Ragona, Luis Recoder, Marcus Rosentrater, Ben Russell, David Sherman, Spectacle, Tess Takahashi, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Jonathan Walley, Audrey Young

Portfolios: The Blinding Light!! Cinema, Light Industry, Magic Lantern Cinema, Orgone Cinema, Other Cinema, The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Spectacle Theater

280 pages, perfect bound.
Layout and design by Jasen Lex. Cover artwork by Walter Forsberg.

Cover design by Jacob Ciocci.

Cover design by Jacob Ciocci.


Edited by Brett Kashmere
Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Contributors: Dominic Angerame, Jaimz Asmundson, Jeremy Bailey, Christina Battle, Thomas Beard, Roger Beebe, Michael Betancourt, Mireille Bourgeois, Jacob Ciocci, Clint Enns, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Benj Gerdes, Brett Kashmere, Eliza Koch, Kevin McGarry, Jesse McLean, James Missen, Shana Moulton, Peter Nowogrodzki, Andrew James Paterson, Ken Paul Rosenthal, Ekrem Serdar, Leslie Supnet, and Tess Takahashi

168 pages, perfect bound, with 3D ChromaDepth glasses insert.
Designed by Eliza Koch. Cover by Jacob Ciocci.

Cover design by Eliza Koch.

Cover design by Eliza Koch.


Edited by Brett Kashmere
Spring-Fall 2010

Contributors: Simon Aeppli, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Cory Arcangel, Dave Barber, Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane, Nicola Bergstrom and Valdemar Lindekrantz, Michael Betancourt, Aleesa Cohene, Bruce Conner, Amelia Does, Walter Forsberg, Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, Noam Gonick, I LOVE PRESETS, Brett Kashmere, Bryan Konefsky, Evan Meaney, Jason Orman, Julie Perini, Jenny Perlin, Tasman Richardson, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, Brittany Shoot, Ryan Tebo, Bart Testa, Cat Tyc, William C. Wees, and Philip Widmann.

120 pages, perfect bound, with DVD insert.
Designed by Eliza Koch.

Letter-pressed cover by Leslie Topness.

Letter-pressed cover by Leslie Topness.


Edited by Brett Kashmere
Fall 2008-Spring 2009

Contributors: Association for Film Art, Atelier national du Manitoba, Craig Baldwin, Scott Berry, Michael Betancourt, Carl Brown, Gerda Cammaer, Double Negative, Dumba, Clint Enns, Rick Hancox, Brett Kashmere, Richard Kerr, The League, Karl Lemieux, Scott MacKenzie, Jonas Mekas, Regina Muff, Solomon Nagler, Georgette Nicolaides, Peter Nowogrodzki, Steve Polta, Daichi Saito, Leslie Supnet, Syracuse Experimental, Ryan Tebo, Leslie Topness, and Kenneth White.

147 pages, side-stitched, with pull-out poster manifesto.
Covers letter-pressed by Leslie Topness.

Hand-crafted cover by robert.daniel.pytlyk 

Hand-crafted cover by robert.daniel.pytlyk 


Edited by Brett Kashmere

This publication accompanies the exhibition Industrie / Industry: Oeuvres récentes / Recent works by Richard Kerr, organized by Brett Kashmere and presented at the La Cinémathèque québécoise, Salle Norman-McLaren, Montreal, 4 November 2004–23 January 2005.

Contributors: Gerda Cammaer, Randolph Jordan, Brett Kashmere, Richard Kerr, Michael Rollo, Astria Suparak, and William C. Wees.

DVD-format Exhibition Catalog
Hand-crafted covers by robert.daniel.pytlyk.